BAE Systems to pay £3.75 million to fix Port in California

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BAE Systems have agreed to pay the Port of San Franciso £3.75million, which will help to cover the costs of reviving the dry docks, after selling the docks to Puglia engineering last year.


For over ten years BAE Systems operated the docks, one with the capacity of lifting a 900ft ship weighing 60,000 tons, the other with the capacity to hoist ships weighing 14,500 tons. After revenues started to fall in 2016, BAE sold the docks to Puglia. 


Puglia filed for a lawsuit shortly after, claiming that BAE had led them to believe that the docks were usable and had been well-maintained. Instead they were said to have discovered that the dry docks would need almost £7million in repairs just to render operations, with a further £9.2million in dredging costs to allow access to the dry docks.


The £3.75million that BAE is set to pay will be used to cover the most pressing repairs, with the hope that a new operator can then take over the docks and bring back the 250 jobs that were lost when the port closed.