What to look for when looking for the correct Fastener

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Fasteners are in virtually every industry application and even most products. Manufacturers are forced to decide which fastener might be best for their specific product.

If they do not make the right choice the product may fail and they will see their sales dramatically decrease. By not choosing the correct screw that product may fall apart, the lifespan of it is decreased and it may increase the cost of manufacturing.

There are four things to consider when looking for the correct fastener, so while the decision may be a difficult one there are tools and tips out there to help you find the right fastener for you.

Consider end use: It is important to factor in how the product will be used before deciding on the right fastener. For example; metal fasteners are ideal for products that will be opened frequently while the cheaper alternatives might do just fine in a product that remains closed throughout the product's life.

Analyse cost: Some companies decide that they can skimp on cost of fasteners because they are so prevalent. Unfortunately, this can result in increasing the cost of manufacturing by having to redo everything with the right screw once the cheap screw fails. By analysing cost, you are sure to find an appropriately priced product that will help you save money in the long run.

Avoid Overkill: Custom designs can be great for certain applications, but they also come at a price. Sometimes a standard screw can work just as well, if not better, than an intricate custom design.

Explore new technology: Don’t simply look at the traditional fastener types. Fastener manufacturers are constantly coming up with new ways to fasten products and one of these cutting edge fasteners may be perfect for your application.

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Image Credit : Russ Hendricks @ toolsarehome.com