Working With Small Electronics? Custom Screws Can Improve Your Products

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One of the most lucrative markets in the entire world is the consumer electronics industry. In 2019, it’s predicted that the wholesale revenue of consumer electronics in the U.S. will have a market size of 301 billion U.S. dollars.

It’s difficult to find anyone in your day-to-day life who doesn’t have at least one electronic device on their person, or even at times two or three devices. And with consumers updating and upgrading their devices so regularly, it is unsurprising that more and more electronics are being manufactured, distributed, and utilised by billions of people.

With such high popularity and high demand for these small electronics, the expectation of quality for each product is through the roof. Social media has increased the power of “word of mouth,” meaning that any annoyance, bug or other issue that might plague a smartphone or tablet will be discussed and disseminated almost before the product has really hit the consumer market. If enough people are talking about that potential problem, it could spell disaster for the company.

Standard design procedures can cause problems in handheld electronics in part because there are so many different sizes; one method of production might not work for another. Virtually the only way to avoid design and manufacturer issues and to ensure high quality is to work with custom equipment.

Product designers and manufacturers often have a difficult time because they have to work within the limitations of the small screws required for production. Working with custom set screws, however, will give them much more freedom. Custom screws can, as the name implies, be made specifically to fit a certain specification for the product in question. This means that manufacturers aren’t confined to working around the provided screws.

It doesn’t matter how small of a product an engineer is working on, there are micro screws that can assist in production. These miniature screws can have a thickness as low as 0.2mm so virtually any project can be customized and completed using these custom set screws.

If you’re a product development engineer or work in small electronics manufacturing, don’t fall behind in this booming industry. Use custom screws to produce the best quality products.