Fasteners to help UK Construction Slump

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The ever-present uncertainty surrounding Brexit has created a contraction within the UK’s Construction Industry, according to the latest sector snapshot. This uncertainty, combined with an urgent need to find new labour (the UK needs to find 157,000 new recruits by 2021 in order to keep up with demand, according to according to the CIOB), and the industry’s relative unease with Digital Britain, means that the future of construction is going to take time to find solid ground again.

There are, however, solutions that can make the construction process more efficient, one of which is through the diverse range of fixings, fasteners and the products used on site.

While not as glamorous as the objects they are used to secure, fasteners truly are the everyday heroes building site’s the world over, with the UK fastener industry being valued at £830 million. Yet the innovation we speak of is often something taken for granted. The SXC5 fastener, for example, boasts a hardened carbon steel tip and an increased flange diameter, that provides greater piece of mind and quicker drive into materials on the part of the installers.

Then there is the constant drive for manufacturers to create fasteners that take up less real estate on a project, without sacrificing performance or quality. While wanting more efficient, space-aware and cost-effective designs for fasteners is understandable, everyone will have been told their very first time, “don’t over tighten it”, yet fixings are so commonly subjected to overdriving.  This can ultimately end in the need for removal and replacement, adding on capital costs, labour time and money. 

It is crucial, then, for all stages of the industry to work together to increase efficiencies across the board. The industry may be weathering a storm right now, but the smallest changes, fastener sized even, can make a huge difference.


Image credit to @hojipago