Top 3 Innovative Fastening Solutions


Find out how our exhibitor, Simpson Strong-Tie, are innovating within the field of fasteners, and where you can find them on 11th and 12th September.


The fastener industry is growing and changing every day. With technology in aerospace, automotives, communications, and more, adapting all the time, it’s important to stay on top of the competition.

At our Fastener Exhibition and Conference, at the NEC in Birmingham on 11th and 12th September, we showcase the best in the business, who are doing just that. Meet and greet the companies who are making waves in the industry, in just a few weeks time.

In the meantime, though, we’re going to take you through some of the most innovative fastening solutions that are changing the game.

 1. Simpson Strong-Tie’s Quik-Drive

Looking for a speedy solution to securing your drywall, floorboards, ceilings, cladding, and more? Simpson Strong-Tie, and their Quik Drive solution, have just the answer.

The Quik Drive machine completely removes the time-consuming process of drilling individual screws, one-by-one. Instead, the quick-fire mechanism allows you to implement each screw one after the other, almost instantly.

Think of it like a machine gun, with a sleeve of screws ready to be drilled into place. Just fit it onto any drill you already own, and let it do its thing.

Some of Simpson Strong-Tie's equipment

2. Spring Dowels, by SPIROL’s

SPIROL focuses their attention on lower costs, by providing custom products that reduce further payments. Specifically, their Dowel Bushings and Spring Dowels are a great alternative to standard dowels.

Made using strong, flexible metal, with a hollow inside, wide hole tolerances, and staggered seam, they’re ideal for maintaining alignment within a structure. Also, their inside diameter clearance eliminates the need for drilling new holes, saving time and money!

What’s more, through custom sizing, the dowel can be specifically designed to work for your product.

3. Blind Rivet Bolts

Blind rivet bolts are a fantastic method of securing together two surfaces of differing materials. They consist of a screw and sleeve, which are either welded or crimped together.

Simply screw the product into place and pull it backwards, using a hand riveting tool, to secure it properly.

Not only does the blind rivet tool ensure proper securing, the product also allows you to:

  • Install a thread within the components.

  • To add multiple components to the current screw.

Easy to use, strong and secure… the positives are endless.

A collection of metal nuts and bolts

Fastening the Future

If you’re particularly impressed by number one on our list of innovative fastening methods, you can get hands-on information from the Simpson Strong-Tie team at our Fastener Exhibition and Conference, on 11th and 12th September at Birmingham’s NEC.

For free tickets to check out their products, please contact Harry Stephenson at, or call him on +44 (0)117 990 2097 (EXT 5703).

Simply locate the Simpson Strong-Tie exhibition at stand D104, for more information about how their products can improve productivity in your workplace. We’ll see you there!