Smaller Fasteners For Smaller Technology


Find out how your fastener company can adapt to new fastening technologies, to keep up with the new trends of smaller fasteners...

The 21st century has brought with it immense change. Touchscreen phones, thinner laptops, streaming television, virtual reality, and so much more, have all made their mark. Most importantly, though, the smaller, the better.

The busier our lives get, the smaller we want our technology to become. We want portable interfaces which we can fit in our trouser pockets, and laptops that slide into our handbags. Convenience is key.

With this smaller technology, the fastener industry must keep up. Smaller fasteners for this smaller technology has never been more important. So how have fastener companies dealt with this so far, and how can you keep up?

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Why Does Smaller Technology Require Smaller Fasteners?

The smaller the technology, the less space there is for fasteners to do their thing. This is why, with shrinking technology, there must come shrinking hardware. Nobody wants to see a bulky screw sticking out of a smooth laptop surface, after all!

That said, this doesn’t just go for aesthetics, as larger screws can also damage the interface of the product. For example, electronics, specifically the circuit boards, could become ruined through the use of larger fasteners.

This is why innovators within the fastener industry need to create fasteners which fit these new requirements. We can’t be drilling a standard screw into something which requires a micro screw, for example.

The Problems With Smaller Fasteners

These days, we now have these smaller fasteners to work with. However, the process doesn’t stop there, as we now have to work on ways to perfect the manufacturing process with these smaller screws.

Smaller fasteners require much more detail when it comes to the manufacturing process. Implementing these tiny little screws often has to be done by hand, fed into the technology one-by-one. This can be extremely fiddly, and time consuming, meaning productivity rates have dropped over the years, thus increasing costs.

In particular, loose screws have presented problems for workers over the year; small screws are difficult to work with, and often can’t be attached properly. This is why creating fasteners which fit the required technology is paramount.

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How Have Fastener Companies Dealt With These Problems?

In order to keep up with these rapid industry changes, new systems have had to be engineered for faster and more accurate small-screw insertion. Davinder Lotay, one of our speakers at the Fastener Exhibition and Conference, will be discussing some of the key ways in which smaller fasteners are making a difference. In particular, he'll talk about fibre optic fasteners, and how developments are being made for changing technologies.

The issues that have arisen from smaller fasteners must be taken into account by the technology companies themselves, in terms of the product design. Their engineering must work around fastening products, at the end of the day.

That said, it’s also down to the fastener companies to provide new fasteners which the technology industry can plan to use within their designs. By working hand-in-hand with one another, and compromising to create products which fit to a T, you can truly refine the technology. In doing so, fastener companies can become part of a niche market, forming relationships with technology companies by tailoring their products to them!

So, with smaller fasteners, it’s not just the fasteners themselves which need to change. It’s also the machinery used to insert them, the interfaces they insert into, and the expertise of the engineers.

The Fastener Exhibition & Conference: Change is on the Horizon

New mechanisms for smaller fasteners, like refined feed technologies, are being developed every day by UK-based companies, like Bruderer. At the Fastener Exhibition & Conference this year, meet these companies who are pioneering the smaller fasteners world, face-to-face. Discover what they have to offer, and perhaps you’ll gain some new knowledge, and some fresh contacts, so your company can stay relevant in such a volatile industry.

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