The Application of Fastener Technology in Minimising Waste: ARaymond Case Study

Looking to minimise waste in your manufacturing process? The application of fastener technology in minimising waste could be a good place to start...

Fasteners may be small, but they are the main component in ensuring objects of all sorts are able to do their job correctly. With sustainability a key thought in the minds of many these days, the key components of machinery are the place to begin. By starting with the foundations, you can work from there to create a sustainable future for the next fastening generation.

At the Fastener Exhibition and Conference, we aim to put you in front of the companies who can take you towards your sustainable future. One of our exhibitors, ARaymond, will help you do just that!

Take a look at what they can do for you, and discover more about the application of fastener technology in minimising waste. Grab your free ticket to see ARaymond’s representatives at stand F214.

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Who Are ARaymond?

ARaymond are an industrial supplier of fastening solutions, which focus on tool-free assembly methods. Founded in 1865, they began by making fastening elements for the footwear and glove industry.

Since then, they’ve become one of our longest-running fastener companies, who now have a global presence. They’ve also adapted their audience to fit with the modern world, providing for the automotive, agriculture, and energy markets. Their UK office, in Kent, makes them your friendly neighbourhood fastening solution business.

Whether it be a catalogue or custom metal clipping, Quick Connector for fluid lines, or adhesive bonding solution, ARaymond provide it all. Overall, their products focus on ease of use, as well as low costs.

However, that doesn’t mean their products lack the quality of many other fastener companies. In fact, ARaymond are known for their reliable fastening solutions, by using special quality assurance tools, like Zontec Synergy 100 software, which observes trends for speedy action. This means that their fasteners even work to secure heavy industrial machinery!

For over a century and a half, ARaymond have done their bit to revolutionise the fastener world. But, how have ARaymond done their bit for the environment? With the importance of waste minimisation in today’s world, let’s take a look at how ARaymond have refashioned the fastener industry for a sustainable future…

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A Sustainable Future With ARaymond: Using Waste Management Technology

The Zontec Synergy 100 software is a fantastic method of reducing waste. This waste minimisation is achieved by decreasing the prevalence in defective parts during the manufacturing process. The charts produced by this software are reviewed each hour, in comparison to control limits, to identify any abnormal variations.

This way, the team can make any necessary corrections, in a timely manner, so as to avoid excessive waste. These waste reduction methods also help to avoid the over-adjustment of the process, so charts don’t go too far in the other direction. This means that unnecessary adjustments aren’t made, which could affect productivity.

For example, say a manufactured bracket is trending upwards in width. Synergy helps to detect problems like this, to improve ARaymond’s process capability, and to avoid the manufacturing of defective parts, that won’t fit an application.

This not only saves waste materials, but also money and time! This waste technology means that customers can rest easy knowing that ARaymond’s manufacturing processes are consistent and capable.

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Fastener Technology in Minimising Waste: Your Next Step?

Want to join the plight for a sustainable future? Don’t miss out on the chance to hear from the true experts, at ARaymond, about how they’ve kept up with this evolving industry for so long! Meet our ARaymond representatives, on their exhibitor stand, F214.

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