Women in the Fastener Industry

The fastener industry has always been dominated by men, but it’s time we made a change. Let’s celebrate the women in the fastener industry, and encourage more to become part of the community!

Although the number of women graduating in STEM subjects is increasing, so is the number of men. This means that the percentage of women within STEM is decreasing, and this needs to change.

The Fastener Exhibition and Conference, at the NEC Birmingham on 11th and 12th September, aims to inspire the next generation of fastener experts. Whether you’re a man or a woman, the 21st century holds so much potential. We want to emphasise that your gender makes no difference to the career you pursue.

Coming up in just 3 weeks, the Fastener Exhibition and Conference wants to encourage more women to join the community! So, let’s celebrate the women making waves in the fastener industry, today...

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Women in the Fastener Industry

Women in the Fastener Industry (WIFI) is a community of STEM women, each with a unique voice within the field. Starting out on LinkedIn, a small number of the few women in the industry connected, and changed the face of their workplace. Meeting up at trade shows, just like the Fastener Exhibition and Conference, they pioneered WIFI, to bring together the female fasteners, so they knew they weren’t alone.

WIFI’s Mission

Pam Berry, Executive Vice President and co-owner of Advance Components, and Mary Lou Aderman, president of The Aderman Group, worked together to create a community of women, all in the same boat.

Their aim? WIFI’s mission is to provide women in the fastener industry, of all levels, with opportunities to come together. This way, they can educate and mentor one another, to encourage the advancement of women within the fastener industry.

Who are the Women in the Fastener Industry?

Let’s introduce you to some of the faces of WIFI:

President: Jennifer Kushnir

Jen Kushnir is currently working as the Sales Manager for DLP Coatings, Inc. The company works to provide fasteners, which have a superior coating, to a number of markets. Whether it be home, decking, barns, or trucks, the possibilities are endless.

Jen has worked across the fastener industry, but mainly within the automotive world. She has been a member of WIFI for many years, but has been a board member for the last three years.

Chairwoman: Rosa E. Hearn

Rosa “the Riveter” Hearn is the Product Manager for the rivet line of Brighton-Best International. As the Vice Chairman for the Fastener Industry Coalition, and now the Chairman of WIFI, she’s been instrumental in the development of a Latin market for the industry.

Rosa has won a number of awards, including:

  • Woman of the Year, 2018.

  • Innovative Importer of the Year, 2016.

Vice President: PJ McCaughn

PJ McCaughn works for Innovative Components Inc., as the Business Development Manager. She is also the President of Egeria Business/Sales & Marketing Consulting, as well as the Vice-President of WIFI.


Carrie Ann Whitworth: President & CEO at EDSCO Fasteners, Inc.

Gloria Medina: Inside Sales at Dallas Fastener, Inc.

Ruth Dowling Coffman: President at Ningbo Jinding Fastening Piece USA, Inc.

Erin Waidelich: Vice President at Aircraft Fasteners, Inc.

Elizabeth Morack: Business Development Director at Optimas

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Become Part of the Women in the Fastener Industry Community

There are a number of ways you, and your fastener company, can get involved in helping the community of Women in the Fastener Industry make a difference:

Get Membership

As a member of Women in the Fastener Industry, you’ll receive mentoring, an emailed newsletter, and a number of other benefits. The memberships come on an individual basis of $50 annually, or a corporate basis. So, if you’re a fastener company looking to support 5-9 of your female employees, just $200 annually will do the trick. Otherwise, for 10 or more employees, $350+ is all you’ll need. 

Volunteer or Partner

If you want to support WIFI, to help encourage the women within the fastener industry, volunteering is the easiest method. Likewise, if you’re looking to join WIFI’s efforts, partnering is the best method for you to lend your support. Just get in touch with WIFI to get started.


As a nonprofit organisation, donating is a sure-fire way to do your bit in supporting the women of the fastener industry.

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The Wonders of Women

Want to meet some of the female faces of the fastener industry?

At the Fastener Exhibition and Conference, you’ll get the chance to meet a truly inspirational female, Jackie Luciano. At the expo, she’ll be talking directly about educating the next generation of fastener experts. If you want to encourage more women to join the community, the Fastener Expo is the place to be.

Come along, on 11th and 12th September at the NEC in Birmingham, for the largest fastener exhibition the UK has ever seen. Get your FREE tickets today, and join in the fun!

For FREE visitor tickets, do one of the following:

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