Speakers at the Fastener Exhibition and Conference: Part 1

Hear more about our collection of speakers at the Fastener Exhibition and Conference, and find out why you shouldn’t miss out!

The Fastener Exhibition and Conference is only 2 weeks away! Don’t miss out on the chance to get FREE tickets, to learn about the latest and greatest in fastener technology.

On the 11th and 12th September, at the NEC Birmingham, you can join the companies, big and small, at the UK’s largest fastener exhibition. Meet the faces behind the fasteners, witness the newest products and services, and so much more!

For a full list of the fantastic opportunities the Fastener exhibition and Conference will bring you, have a read of our blog post on the top 10 reasons to attend. Otherwise, we think it’s important that you know exactly what you’ll be missing out on if you don’t bag your FREE ticket today.

With that in mind, discover more about some of our fantastic speakers, and what they’ll be discussing at the expo. Read on for more…

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Paul Briskham: Atlas Copco Industrial Assembly Solutions Ltd

Riveting & Bonding Technology for Aluminium and Steel Car Bodies

Paul began his career as an apprentice in machining and fabrication, later achieving a degree in Engineering, with Whitworth Scholarship, at Warwick University. Paul has been working for Atlas Copco since 2012, helping to support customers with joining applications, developing bespoke fasteners for their joining needs.

At the moment, he’s working in a global product management role, with a technical customer services focus. At the Fastener Exhibition and Conference, he’ll be speaking about the latest riveting and rivbonding approaches for the structural joining of aluminium intensive car bodies and aluminium/steel mixed material car bodies. 

Jim Heley: Advanced Aerospace Assembly Ltd (A3L)

The Application of Technology to Aid Fastener Insertion for Aerospace Applications

Jim Heley, founder and Managing Director of Advanced Aerospace & Assembly Ltd (A3L), has primary expertise in aerospace assembly. However, he’s also an expert in developing and exploiting digital technologies in manufacturing.

More recently, his company has been focusing on boosting performance through applications of robotics in manufacturing, lowering costs in the process. His Augmented Reality initiatives are second-to-none, and are certainly something to watch out for.

Listen out for Jim’s presentation at the Fastener Exhibition and Conference, to hear him  discuss the most recent fastener inserting technologies, and their benefits.

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Alan Isacson: Finn Partners

Nuts and Bolts of Industrial Marketing

Alan Isacson, has helped fasten companies such as BOSCH, Mitsubishi, EPSON, Porex, Saint-Gobain, and more, to achieve optimum success. His role at Finn Partners? Isacson heads the Global Manufacturing and Trade Sector.

Discover what he has to say about marketing within the fastener world, and gain ideas on how to discover new opportunities, within the business. Overall, he’ll be teaching you the five main steps in helping you with marketing and sales-support initiatives within the industry.

Jackie Luciano: ZaGO Manufacturing Co

Engaging the Next Generation of Fastener Professionals

Jackie Luciano has played an integral role in the evolution of ZaGO Manufacturing over the years. As a producer of high-tech, global sealing solutions and components, with sustainability in mind, ZaGo is the place to go!

Jackie has a great many skills and qualifications to her name, making her an inspiration to those aspiring STEM women out there. At the Fastener Exhibition and Conference, she’ll be talking about why companies should focus on educating the next generation of fastener experts.

With the ever-evolving nature of the industry, companies must innovate to find new ways to bring in these younger people. By educating and preparing students for the demands of the job, we can engage them to start their careers in fasteners.

Davinder Singh Lotay: Altimex Ltd & MJ LIghting Technology Ltd

The Importance of Fasteners: From Conceptualisation to the Manufacture of Electronics, Fibre Optic and Lighting Systems

Davinder Lotay is an experienced owner and managing director, with a specific background in Opto-Electronic & LED Lighting within the manufacturing industry. He’ll be discussing how these interfaces are changing quickly, and how to keep up. With new innovations in fastener types, we can learn to stay afloat.

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