Alexander Firnigl: Speaking at The Fastener Expo

Alexander Firnigl

Business Development Manager (Global) & Sales Manager (UK) - Cirteq Ltd

Cirteq Engineered Solutions: Meeting the demands of auto-assembly for Automotive Industry

About Alexander Firnigl

Alexander Firnigl found his way to Fasteners the long way round. Having worked extensively in both the Entertainments Industry and then Insurance and later banking sectors, he finally found his true passion in the world of Circlips, Snap- and Grip-rings and Retaining rings.
Alexander is bilingual in English/German/Swiss-German (yes there is a difference) and was employed by Cirteq Ltd for this reason 14 Years ago. He then worked his way up to Global Business Development Manager and then at the start of 2019 took on the additional role of UK Sales Manager. Working closely with the Cirteq quality team he has amassed a wealth of knowledge in regards to Circlips and its manufacture, meaning he now deals with all technical sales that arrive at Cirteq.

Cirteq Ltd has been manufacturing for 80 Years and the British Standard for Circlips was based upon the Cirteq Ltd (Anderton Circlip) standards. During these 80 years of manufacturing a lot has changed in the way the customer assembles, moving from the traditional labour intensive manual assembly method through to automotive & robotic assembly methods. This involves higher demands on the precision engineering of each induvial fastener to ensure not only are the parts 100% functional but also 100% compliant for the exacting demands of a modern robotic assembly line.
All manufacturers are having to face this ever tightening of tolerances and higher demands put on their fasteners. Learn now how Cirteq is solving these challenges and how you can apply them to your Business and with that gain market share.

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