Nimeka De Silva: Speaking at The Fastener Expo

Nimeka De Silva

Business Development Manager- UK & IRL - BUMAX & BUFAB

BUMAX- The World’s Strongest Bolt (and it’s Stainless)

About Nimeka De Silva

Nimeka graduated with a BEng(Hons) degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Birmingham and spent ten years working for a leading manufacturer of construction equipment and fixing materials as a project engineer and project manager, involved with large scale energy and civil infrastructure projects.

Nimeka is currently Business Development Manager for BUMAX AB, responsible for its UK & Ireland markets. Nimeka is focused on the development of BUMAX’s presence within the region but also on technical development of key industry applications for BUMAX’s high performance solutions within sectors such as energy, space and defence, process and construction.

Nimeka is also a Chartered Engineer and a member of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers and holds an Executive MBA from Aston Business School.

Stainless steel material is often selected for its corrosion resistance properties, however reduced strength has usually been an accepted compromise of using this material. BUMAX specialises in development of high strength stainless fastener solutions- the benefits of superior corrosion resistance, while exceeding the mechanical properties offered by carbon steel, standard stainless products and many high alloy fasteners. Gain insight into how BUMAX is pushing new boundaries in mechanical design capability.

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