Parag Shah: Speaking at The Fastener Expo

Parag Shah

Fasteners Association of India

Overview of the Indian Fastener Industry in Global market

About Parag Shah

Mr. Parag Shah, CMD of Precise Fasteners Pvt. Ltd., an ISO certified company engaged in the business of fasteners with over 10000 varieties since 1967, serving many leading end users, OEM’s and clients in various industrial segments across the world.

He joined the family business in 1990 and completed 28 years in the trade, time which has given him many fulfilling and enriching experiences and have been fortunate to have the opportunity to give back a little of all what have received over these years.

He is the founding committee member of the Fasteners Association of India (FAI) and is currently serving as the Honorary Secretary of the FAI.

FAI has had the privilege to helm 350 + strong membership base pan India and have introduced the very first Fastener related magazine in the country. FAI works closely with trade related bodies to encourage fair trade practices and have interacted with government cells as well and brought benefits and EEPC grants which gives us more teeth to compete with our fellow fastener industries the world over. FAI aims to maintain focus towards growth and stability, quality and competitive pricing, and to capitalise on our strengths.

We visit you today with the objective to encourage trade relations and sincerely hope our being here can initiate and streamline a line of business, a move which will be mutually beneficial to both countries.