Paul Briskham: Speaking at The Fastener Expo

Paul Briskham

Atlas Copco Industrial Assembly Solutions Ltd

Riveting & bonding technology for aluminium and steel/aluminium car bodies

About Paul Briskham

Paul started his career with an apprenticeship in machining and fabrication, followed by a degree in engineering with Whitworth Scholarship at Warwick University.

He studied a car company funded PhD to research adhesive bonding of polymer composites to aluminium, focused on testing the durability of bonded joints in car body structures.

He researched aluminium spot welding parameters and electrode maintenance approaches to develop RSW of aluminium for use on volume car body production, and investigated the fatigue life of car body joints for the development of a software design tool for optimising the positioning of spot welds, rivets, and adhesive in aluminium car bodies.

Paul has been working for Atlas Copco Henrob since 2012 supporting customer joining applications and developing new fasteners for new joining requests. He is currently in a global product management role with remit to provide technical support to customers and identify priority topics for focus of R&D resources.

Overview of the latest riveting and rivbonding approaches for the structural joining of aluminium intensive car bodies and aluminium/steel mixed material car bodies.

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